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Welcome to Venice!

The Floating City — Venice!

The city of Canals, Venice, is one of Italy's most picturesque cities. The striking architecture, captivating bridges, and winding canals of this city make it one of the most preferred travel destinations. The masks, festivals, castles, festivals, ponds are enough to attract thousands of visitors to this city. The tourists are sure to get those unimaginable renewal feelings to the city, which are kindled by the consistent ancient buildings. The visitors are sure to get themselves indulged in the feeling like they are invading a masterpiece.

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Best Time to Visit Venice

  • Winter, from December to February, is cold, damp and gray. The coldest months are, as is normal in the Po-Venetian plain, January and December. At night, light frosts occur often enough.
  • Spring, from March to May, is a quite rainy and unstable season. There is a moderate amount of sunny days, but there can still be cold and foggy days as well as periods of bad weather and wind.
  • Summer, from June to August, is usually sunny, and it's often also hot and muggy, though the breeze tempers a little the heat. In the afternoon, thunderstorms can break out, while the bora can sometimes blow, bringing a bit of cool weather.
  • Autumn, from September to November, is initially pleasant (in September and sometimes in early October), with many sunny days, alternating with some rainy periods, and then it gradually becomes more cold, cloudy and rainy.

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